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Planet IT - Enterprise Communication Platfrom

Push The Car

Push The Car with characters, move it left and ride to pass through multipliers and reach the end of line gain more power when passing through multipliers.

Planet IT - Enterprise Communication Platfrom

Assemble Race

Assemble Race is a car racing game filled with speed and excitement. Race your opponents as you build your car up by collecting pieces that make you faster. Avoid hitting obstacles as you will lose your car parts. You can collect the parts that fall from opponents.

Planet IT - Enterprise Communication Platfrom

Planet Mower

Planet Mower is a satisfying experience of pure relaxation. Mow the planet that is filled with grass and collect rewards as they are uncovered. Explore further as you unlock more areas as you clear up sections of the planet. Once the planet has been completed, fly out with your rocket to continue onto other planets.