OMNI Channel Chatbot

Manage multiple communication channels from a single unified platform

Available Channels



Gain access to your customers’ favorite communication platform, and reach whoever you want with a convenient chat app. Send rich messages, locations, and documents easily and benefit from pre-configured templates for personalized messages.


WhatsApp Business API

With WhatsApp Business API, your team can work faster and more effectively to create meaningful conversations with customers. Increase your business conversion and retention rate by integrating WhatsApp Business API with Qiscus Omnichannel Chat.



Engage with over 1 billion Facebook Messenger users across the globe. Easy & familiar to use, Facebook Messenger allows you to expand your reach and grow your bottom lines.



Step up your business messaging with Viber for business, communicate with your customers using rich messages, locations and documents easily worldwide.



Automate your Services with Robolabs. Increase your customers' satisfaction when interacting with your brand by integrating your systems with a chatbot. Provide immediate and helpful responses without making your customers wait. Chatbot integration is easier than ever with Robolabs, the No-code Bot Platform for Omnichannel Chat.

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